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Jaspersoft's data analytics software is used to model, manipulate and visualize any flavor of data using OLAP or in-memory analysis in order to identify issues, spot trends and make better decisions quickly. Embedded analytics solutions can help make your application more competitive; giving end users the reporting and analytics they need to make better decisions.

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Data Exploration

Data Exploration

  • Visualize any data including relational, OLAP, or Big Data sources with interactive HTML5 charts, maps and widgets
  • Multi-Level Zoom quickly visualizes summary and detail data without having to create separate chart views
  • Complete browser-based analysis can be designed and deployed within a web application or throughout the organization
  • Explore and interact with any data and give end users more insight into making relevant decisions with self-service analytic solutions
Advanced Analysis Interface

Advanced Analytics Interface

  • Ad Hoc Analysis browser-based interactive interface supports drilling, slicing and dicing, pivoting, filtering, and interactive charting
  • Utilize built-in calculations to perform what-if analysis or define more advanced custom analytic functions
  • View dimensional hierarchies within OLAP cubes and make your charts more readable with expanded chart formatting options
In-Memory Analysis Engine

In-Memory Analytic Engines

  • Columnar engine provides aggregation support that speeds response times against large and complex data sets
  • Configurable in-memory or push-down query processing to the underlying analytic database maximizes response times for aggregations and calculations
  • MDX and XML/A queries provide complex analytical functions against the Mondrian OLAP server and SQL Server Analysis Services

Chart Types

Bar Chart
Available in 2D-3D
HTML5 or Flash
Comes in Column, Bar, Stacked, Stacked Percent, and Multi-Axis
Stacked Column
Bar Chart
Available in 2D-3D
HTML5 or Flash
Comes in Column, Bar, Stacked, Stacked Percent, and Multi-Axis
Area Chart
HTML5 or Flash
Comes in Area, Stacked Area, Stacked Percent, Area Spline, Stacked Area Spline
HTML5 or Flash
Comes in Line, Spline or Stacked
Pie Chart
HTML5 or Flash
Scatter Chart
Column, Stacked Column, Multi-Axis Line, Multi-Axis Column


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