Jaspersoft: BI Built for the BI Builder

The rise of the BI Builder – those individuals and organizations who prefer to embed, extend, or customize BI – will finally deliver on the promise of pervasive BI. Jaspersoft is the only BI suite designed for the BI Builder.

The BI dream.

The benefits of BI are clear. It is about turning data into information and insight, which enables better decision-making across an organization. The dream of leading organizations is to enable every knowledge worker with the right level and type of self-service BI.

The reality: BI is not pervasive.

BI adoption continues to be low for most organizations. Some studies suggest as much 28% of an organization currently use BI tools. Other research shows it is nearer to 15%. Regardless, many more knowledge workers should have access to a BI tool so they can make decisions based on analysis and insight.

Why is this trend not improving?

BI vendors have spent decades adding more features to their products in an effort to address new user profiles. Unfortunately this approach has not worked because increasing adoption is not about adding more features. Not all BI users are the same, thus the right BI tool needs to work for a variety of users within a variety of contexts, including within an existing application or work environment.

Can this change?

BI adoption for the masses requires presenting the right information to the right person within the appropriate application or environment without forcing a change in context.

Traditional BI solutions can work well when providing specialized features as a stand-alone application, but this approach only goes so far within an organization. However, traditional BI solutions are not built to be embedded, extended or customized which is needed to seamlessly integrate into an existing application or environment.

The BI Builder: building out the BI dream.

The role of the BI Builder will resolve the current adoption issues by embedding, extending, and customizing BI for seamless integration within end users’ preferred work environments. Users then get access to the self-service BI they need, where and when they need it.

Who are the BI Builders?

BI Builders are individuals and organizations who need or prefer to build BI either by embedding, extending, or customizing the BI platform for their specific environment. Examples of BI Builder organizations:

  • An ISV embedding reporting and analysis within its product
  • An application development group inside IT in an insurance company integrating BI within their internal claims management system
  • An IT group within a telecommunications company customizing BI for their customer facing portal
  • A system integrator building a financial analytics solution for CFOs

Many BI Builder individuals have developer, consultant, architect, or product manager in their titles.

Why is Jaspersoft best suited for the BI Builders?

Jaspersoft’s BI suite is designed specifically to enable the BI Builder to easily and cost effectively deliver self-service BI to their end users. The Jaspersoft product is:

An End-to-End BI Suite

  • A full BI suite with extensive self-service features for end users


  • An architecture that enables deployment on-premises or in the cloud;
  • that can connect to any data source (relational, non-relational, or custom);
  • that has a CSS-driven user interface for faster and more flexible customization;
  • that is modular, light weight, and open web standards-based for simpler integration


  • The Jaspersoft BI Suite costs 80% less than traditional BI tools


  • Used every day by thousands of BI builders delivering self-service BI for their users

Realizing the BI dream.

Adoption of technology improves when it can be integrated within the context of existing tools or applications. Integrating BI within an application encourages the masses to make decisions from information without looking for a report, dashboard or analysis found in a separate location within a separate tool. The people who enable this more useful BI are called BI Builders. They represent the future of BI and its more pervasive use.