Jaspersoft/Red Hat Data-to-Dashboards Integration

Leading Providers of Commercial Open Source Drive Insights from Data

“Success in the Big Data era is more than about size. It’s about getting insight from these huge data sets more quickly”
- Doug Henschen InformationWeek

Key Jaspersoft/Red Hat Solution Benefits:

  • Data-to-Dashboards in days
  • The Jaspersoft BI Suite includes powerful reporting, analysis and dashboarding
  • JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform, provides best-in-class data virtualization with standards-based read/write access to heterogeneous data stores in real time with enterprise-grade performance, data integrity, and security
  • The power of open source software allows for higher quality, greater security and easier integration at a vastly accelerated pace.

From Data to Dashboards in Days

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The Challenge of Disparate, Complex Data

In today’s complex business environment, it is common to have many different sources of data in disparate locations that are in constant flux. Given this complexity, it is practically impossible to get a complete, up-to-the-minute view of business performance from this data; this makes timely, accurate decisions difficult. This challenge is due to the fact that traditional solutions typically either require a centralized data warehouse to aggregate data, or a hard-coded link to the various data sources. Either approach introduces serious ‘data gap’ limitations; data warehouses are costly to build, and introduce significant latency in data availability, whereas hard-coded links to data sources do not easily accommodate the dynamic nature of today’s evolving systems.

An alternative to these data warehouses or hard coding is data virtualization, which enables flexible access to this data without moving the data store. Data virtualization is the process of abstracting, transforming, federating and delivering data contained within a variety of information sources. This enables the data to be accessed by an application or users when requested, without regard to their physical storage or heterogeneous structure. As timely, cost-effective, flexible data access becomes increasingly important, data virtualization plays an ever-larger role in information systems. Gaining insights from this data requires flexible reporting, analyzing, and visualization tools that can be used by all who need access to the information; these insights facilitate informed decisions and improved organizational performance.

Traditional approaches to access disparate data introduce ‘Data Gaps’

Data Challenges Diagram

Jaspersoft/Red Hat Integrated Architecture

Jaspersoft/Red Hat integration architecture diagram

The Jaspersoft/Red Hat Data-to-Dashboards Solution

The new data-to-dashboards solution from Jaspersoft and Red Hat addresses the disparate, complex data challenge with data virtualization technology that centralizes and simplifies data access. This solution avoids data movement and inflexible, hard-coded data connectors, enabling companies to quickly visualize and analyze dynamic information via Jaspersoft dashboards, reports, and charts. This enables improved utilization of existing data assets, using cost-effective commercial open source solutions. Jaspersoft securely delivers the right information at the right time to the right people, via either an on-premises or cloud-based server deployment.

Together, Jaspersoft and Red Hat deliver open source and commercial solutions that enable fast data-to-dashboards, driving rapid insight in any organization. The joint offering leverages the best-in-class data virtualization technology from the JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform with the reporting, analysis and dashboarding capabilities in Jaspersoft’s BI Suite, creating a powerful data analysis solution.

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