Equilibrium: The Secret to Next Generation Production Reporting

Gleanster Deep Dive Analyst Report

Today’s business intelligence (BI) initiatives tend to face a significant amount of internal conflict, preventing them from delivering actionable insights that drive competitive advantage and overall business success as effectively as possible.

Simply put, many organizations have yet to transform their BI environment into any semblances of a unifying, cooperating system. With the right set of enabling technologies, organizational resources, business processes and performance metrics it now becomes possible to achieve a desired state of equilibrium.

This Deep Dive analyst report by Gleanster explores the following topics:

  • Catalysts driving technology in business intelligence platforms
  • Innovation in sophisticated self service reporting and analysis tools and capabilities
  • How top performing companies are using technology to help alleviate the tension between the IT function and business user function
  • Best practices for creating a better workflow between the IT function and business user function

Length: 9 pages
Language: English
Format: PDF

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