Powerful Combinations: Business Intelligence with Real-Time Data, Analytics, and Enterprise Search

On-Demand Webinar with DataStax

Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English

Today's information systems involve ever-increasing volumes of data, velocity of data inputs, and variety of data types. The real purpose of this information comes from the speed and value of the insights you can derive from it. The traditional approach to creating systems to facilitate these insights required IT groups to assemble multiple databases, search engines, reporting, analysis, and data movement tools. This approach entailed considerable time, expense, expertise, and risk for the organization.

This webinar will demonstrate a new approach, using Jaspersoft and DataStax to provide seamless information search and insights, quickly and cost-effectively.

Topics Covered:

  • DataStax information integration for real-time, analytic, and search data in the same database cluster
  • Jaspersoft reporting, analytics, and dashboards for rapid information insights
  • Demonstration of creating and deploying an integrated Jaspersoft/DataStax solution for fast insights


  • Ben Connors, Worldwide Head of Alliances, Jaspersoft
  • Matt Dahlman, Senior Technial Manager, Alliances, Jaspersoft
  • Robin Schumacher, VP products, DataStax