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Jeudi, décembre 27th, 2012
Cloud computing and big data were two of the most talked about trends in 2012, but how do they intersect?
Jeudi, novembre 1st, 2012
A number of business intelligence (BI) options exist for CIOs and other IT leaders looking to upgrade systems.
Mardi, octobre 30th, 2012
Organizations and enterprises are using business intelligence (BI) to enhance decision-making to benefit business, but BI software isn't the same as when it was first introduced.
Mardi, octobre 16th, 2012
Both cloud business intelligence (cloud BI) and mobile BI are seeing increased use.
Jeudi, octobre 11th, 2012
Business intelligence (BI) solutions are being implemented around the globe, but many may not stand the test of time.
Lundi, octobre 8th, 2012
Banks of all sizes need technological applications to help with transactions, management, customer relations and more.
Jeudi, octobre 4th, 2012
The recession has been difficult for many companies that have been forced to tighten budgets, lay off workers and refine strategy.
Jeudi, septembre 27th, 2012
As organizations continue to adopt services like cloud BI, the cloud computing market will continue to grow.
Jeudi, septembre 27th, 2012
Big data analytics is becoming an essential part of business strategy, but it requires technological skill and expertise.
Jeudi, septembre 20th, 2012
In 2012's Cloud Computing Survey by TechSoup Global, NGOs revealed they are using cloud BI and interested in the further use of cloud computing in IT.