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The Democratization of Data

Transparency, Open Source software and Lowering the Cost of Government are three of the five key pillars established by the new Federal CIO to transform the Federal Government into a 21st Century Information Technology enterprise that is citizen-centric. 

Open source technologies are critical enabling tools to achieve these goals.

Jaspersoft’s Business Intelligence suite, the most widely used Open Source Business Intelligence software on the planet, is engaged by governments to drive better, faster, and more efficient decisions for their citizens.

  • Simple, powerful, easy to use reporting answers the call for transparency
  • Open Standards maximize agility without vendor lock in
  • Collaborative development meets the mission critical demand for quality, cost effective applications

Businesses today enable only 20% of their employees with the rich and timely data that can help them make better decisions. The same is true for government.

President Obama directed the heads of Executive Departments and Agencies in a memorandum:

All agencies are now required to begin reporting on their IT investments through the use of dashboards and other automated processes.

We propose the Democratization of Data, where government employees are empowered to make the right decision quickly. The Jaspersoft Business Intelligence suite is the tool to achieve the governments goals.


Customer Success - Handysoft and the NRC

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission wins Gartner Business Process Management Excellence Award for “Out of the BPM Box Delivery”

Handysoft and Jaspersoft join forces to:

  • Create a dynamic reporting environment enabling management to quickly identify areas of optimization
  • Empower 4000 knowledge workers with self serve access to create reports on real-time data
  • Improve staff productivity by saving the NRC an average of 75 people hours per day or the equivalent of $1.5M per year ROI of less than 1-year.

Benefits of Working with Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft brings new meaning to “ease of use.” Our software is easy to download, design, develop, customize, implement, and manage. Jaspersoft is designed from the ground up to be integrated with other applications—bringing BI into “daily” business life. Jaspersoft features: 

  • A single, modular product architecture 
  • Modern interactive Web 2.0 technology 
  • Full access to source code and customizable UIs
  • A single platform for on-premise and on-demand use—fully SaaS enabled including multi-tenancy
  • Open web standards like J2EE, XML, HTTP, JSP, SOA, and CSS integration
  • Unicode and multilingual support 
  • 100% pure Java architecture
  • Powerful security including single sign-on, row and column level data security, and user/role repository access security

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