Introducing Jaspersoft 6.2

What's New in Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft 6.2 is full of enhancements that help users get access to the information they want and IT and developers to decrease their workload. While the idea behind self-service is nothing new, our approach is unique and can prove successful where other efforts have failed. We recognize the complexity involved in delivering self-service, and Jaspersoft 6.2 gives both IT and end users all the tools they need.

Features Include

  • Next-generation self-service capabilities that allow IT to pick up where an end user leaves off when working on a complex report
  • Enhanced multi-tenancy capabilities that simplify BI integration and support for your SaaS applications
  • Hundreds of enhancements for BI developers that save time and delight users

Next-Generation Self-Service Capabilities

Make customers happy with the analytics they want.

Jaspersoft 6.2 enables a new workflow that gives users the simple self-service capabilities they want while allowing developers to finish complex requests without having to start over – all in a modern browser experience.

The result: Enablement for end users and the right tools for IT and developers to fulfill any request, no matter how complex.

Advanced Self Service

The Best Management Tools for Cloud App Admins

Serve all customers, regardless of deployment option.

Jaspersoft 6.2 gives administrators and architects the flexibility to build and maintain a sustainable framework for serving all customers’ analytics needs. Use it to provide best-in-class support for multi-tenancy, data security, and administration.

The result: Your reporting and dashboard solution is manageable and scalable.

Simple Multi-Tenancy for SaaS Applications

Hundreds of Enhancements for BI Developers

Allow developers to easily build and maintain any complex report or dashboard.
  • new chart types
  • easier to configure maps
  • easier element and table grid options
  • element compositing
  • enhanced 508c compliance
  • hundreds of enhancements and bug fixes