Green projects explain their benefits through big data

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Projects to introduce energy efficiency features into commercial buildings must be backed up by clear data illustrating their savings. Green energy CEO Bennett Fischer, writing for GigaOM, said the emerging field of big data analytics has given designers new ammunition in the fight to explain their projects' merits. New analytics tools designed to measure previously uncountable quantities of information can clearly explain power use.

"The [building energy management system] market is evolving rapidly and is enjoying a burst of innovation, leading to an explosion in the amount of data that is available on the energy performance of commercial buildings," said Pike analyst Eric Bloom.

Fischer believes that big data analytics has changed the process of explaining conservation measures' impact by speeding it up significantly. He stresses that both energy interval data from utilities providers and the building's own asset data hold insights that can now be leveraged.

Intelligent Utility, in a recent report, tracked big data's progress in the larger world of energy management. Representatives at the Utility Analytics Summit believed that the technology transition was underway, and that one of the last barriers to adoption was the training of the utilities provider employees in the new analytics methods.

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