Hiring trends show business desire for analytics

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

A new Accenture and SAS survey shows how deeply ingrained business intelligence has become in the world's corporate structures. With the systems taking hold in varied industries, staffing priorities for top companies include a heavy focus on analytics - improving training and hiring new workers with analytic experience.

"Without parallel investment to align leadership, develop the necessary capabilities, ready the talent and build a culture where better and faster decisions, powered by analytics, are part of the DNA, businesses will inevitably hit a roadblock and miss the real opportunity that exists," said Stacy Blanchard, the survey's talent and organization lead.

The surveying companies found it reassuring that more businesses were enacting deep alterations in their companies' organizational structure to make more room for data. With the emergence of big data analytics as a philosophy, data is more important than ever as a value generator.

Computerworld found that businesses increasingly want grads coming straight from school to have some skill or familiarity with BI, with one CEO telling the source that he gives all new employees a week of dedicated training in cloud technology and business intelligence to bring them in line with the new way of running IT.

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