New technology requires new CIO tactics

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Computer World reports that demand for new IT projects is higher than ever, with desire for change often coming from voices within an organization's business side rather than the IT department. The proliferation of new business intelligence and mobile technology means that openness to new projects is a virtue among CIOs.

"The formal models and mechanisms of prioritizing things no longer work," Gartner vice president David Cearley told the source.

The report cites a large marketing firm with an IT staff of 250 that has taken an ad hoc approach to the development and deployment of new business intelligence or mobile projects. The firm has begun to assign teams made up of both business and IT employees to its development efforts rather than letting either proceed independently.

CIO Magazine also touts the combination of IT and business departments, with its focus on creating a company wide mobile strategy. With on-the-go technology such as mobile BI dashboards seeing wide adoption and employee device use growing constantly, the source urges CIOs to codify company-wide mobile strategies. Companies without such plans run the risk of constant disruption, especially with the rise of bring-your-own-device initiatives and divergent hardware use in industry.

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