Jaspersoft and SAP Integration

Tired of spending millions to get insights from your SAP data with unsatisfactory results?

Key Benefits:

  • Pre-built application connectors simplify access to any SAP module
  • Ability to combine data from SAP and non-SAP data sources without any custom development
  • Intuitive web-based ad hoc designer enabling self-serve report creation
  • Flexible output format for end user consumption including pixel-perfect reports and dashboards that can combine both SAP and non-SAP sources

Look no further than Jaspersoft’s affordable and flexible business intelligence (BI) suite to extract, report, and analyze any SAP data source. Jaspersoft’s end-to-end, flexible and affordable solution for SAP gives organizations insight to the data stored in SAP systems, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other business intelligence solutions.

Jaspersoft for SAP architecture diagram

Get the Datasheet

This four-page PDF datasheet describes how to extract and report on SAP and non-SAP data using the Jaspersoft BI Suite. Download the SAP Integration Datasheet.

The SAP dedicated features in Jaspersoft ETL include connectors for reading and writing from and to SAP systems, which provide native SAP support at the table, RFC and BAPI levels. These connectors can be combined with more than 400 other components in the designer to implement complex data transformation tasks and integrate SAP data with data from other transactional systems.

The collaborative features in Jaspersoft ETL results in the SAP settings stored in the wizard being available to all users registered through the repository, resulting in reuse and ultimately increase in developer productivity. Impact analysis capabilities are also available that can help identify dependencies in other jobs. Direct access to the metadata in the SAP dictionary and the BAPI documentation is also easily accessible.

The flexibility of the Jaspersoft BI Suite enables business users to consume SAP and non-SAP information extracted into a single repository in a variety of outputs including pixel-perfect reports, interactive dashboards and in-memory based ad hoc analysis.