Whitepaper - Months After Oracle's Acquisition of Sun, OSS Survey Predicts Resurgence of Java and MySQL

Despite dark predictions by many in the open source community prior to Oracle's acquisition of Sun, a new survey of open source developers and enterprise customers conducted by Jaspersoft showed most respondents think Oracle is a better steward of Java and MySQL than Sun. Survey results suggest the increased confidence could lead to a resurgence of MySQL and Java use.

Many in Jaspersoft's open source business intelligence community build with Java and access data stored in MySQL. Knowing this, Jaspersoft felt it necessary to inquire how open source customers and community view the future of two important open source platforms.

Download a copy of Jaspersoft's white paper on these survey results to see how the open source community viewed:

  • The use of MySQL
  • The development and innovation of MySQL
  • The use of Java
  • The Java Community Process

Get the White Paper Here: