JasperServer domains made easy

On Demand Partner Webinar with OpenCollab South Africa


One of the main purposes of a BI system is to allow non technical users to ask their own questions from data. Data that is stored in relational databases is usually complex in nature and a translation must be made so that a casual user can quickly get to the data they are looking for.

Domains represent the semantic layer to a BI system. In this layer, models can be built to serve accurate and appropriate analytics to a non technical end user. The Domains in JasperReports Server allow for data level security with ‘finesse’; the applicable rules are hidden from the ad hoc or analytical user, but transparent to the administrator. Domains allow the administrator to obscure the complexity of structured query language (SQL) from the user who is usually only interested in dimensions and measures.

This webinar will provide you with insight into how easy it really is to abstract the complexities of systems easily and delight your end users with easy-to-work-with dashboards and reports. We will show this through a live demonstration of Jaspersoft in action.


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