Big Data Business Intelligence in an Instant

Shorten time to insight and action.

Big Data BI Solution Overview

Natively connect and visualize data for Hadoop Analytics, MongoDB Analytics, Cassandra Analytics and more. Build Business Intelligence reports, dashboards and analytics directly from these data stores, without having to move the data to another database.

You can blend your Big Data with other data sources using Data Virtualization or traditional ETL capabilities. Embed big data visualizations & reports inside your app or use the insights to optimize your business.

Real Time Analytics

Connect and analyze directly without moving data through ETL. Use native Big Data functions for optimal performance with interactive reporting. Share data visualizations for analysis powered by a columnar-based in-memory engine.

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Data Exploration

Blend All Your Data

Combine operational data stored in relational databases with Big Data sources to achieve a holistic view of your business or customer. Blend data through the innovative data virtualization metadata layer or combine into a traditional data warehouse using ETL.

Native Direct Access to Big Data

Embedded In Your App

Present interactive visualizations and dashboards inside your application with an easy to integrate web-based platform. Embed intuitive designers that let non-technical users build or modify their own visualizations for self-service access to important data.

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Embedded in Your App

Big Data BI for Less Than $1 per Hour

With the Jaspersoft for AWS Cloud option you can deploy our full BI server instantly. Connect to Amazon's Redshift or EMR service, and you have a full Big Data analytics stack for literally cents per hour.

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Big Data BI for Less Than $1 per Hour

Jaspersoft Big Data Partner Quotes

  • We're pleased to see this integration of two popular open source offerings.
    — Mike Olson
    CEO of Cloudera
  • It's great that Jaspersoft is leading the way in providing powerful and flexible reporting for MongoDB
    — Dwight Merriman
    Co-Founder of MongoDB Inc.
  • Jaspersoft's community of a quarter million members will help us further address and solve problems within the Big Data space.
    — Bruce Weed, Program Director
    Big Data Business Development, IBM
  • The integration between DataStax and Jaspersoft shortens Cassandra customers' time to insight and informed action
    — Robin Schumacher
    VP of Products, DataStax
  • Jaspersoft provides powerful complementary solutions to Databricks' just-in-time data platform.
    — John Tripier
    Senior Director Business Development, Databricks
  • Jaspersofts reporting and analytics platform provides an additive element to Amazon Redshift.
    — Sundar Raghavan
    GM of Relational Database Services, Amazon