Business Intelligence Solutions

Flexible BI Architecture Enables Choice of Deployment Options

Organizations want timely, well-informed decision-making, in operational settings and in the corner office—no matter what their mix of platforms, applications, or infrastructure environments. Jaspersoft's modular, scalable, standards-based solution architecture provides the flexibility needed to easily deploy in any environment. Jaspersoft offers Business Intelligence Tools that can span your enterprise.

Reporting and Analytics Inside Your App

You can make your on-premise or cloud app shine with killer dashboards, cool visualizations, self-service reports, and rich analytics using our easily embeddable, web-scale business intelligence platform. See how these companies and more are embedding Jaspersoft in their internal and commercial apps.

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Embedded Reporting and Analytics Inside Your App

Reporting Software

With a cost-effective and web-scale platform you can share beautiful print-ready and interactive reports and dashboards with as many people as you want -- inside or outside your organization.

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Enteprise Reporting Solution

AWS Reporting Solution

BI for less than $1 per hour

Jaspersoft for AWS is our Business Intelligence solution available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, used by hundreds of customers from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Unlike any other SaaS or Cloud Business Intelligence tools on the market, you can buy by the hour, paying only for what you use. Pricing starts at less than $1 per hour, with no data or user limits and no additional fees.

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Cloud Business Intelligence Solutions

Reporting and Analytics for Your Business

Thanks to an affordable, web-scale BI solution suite, business users can get quick answers to their questions through self-service reports, dashboards and analysis while IT cost-effectively manages and scales the deployment. Check out some of our customers doing reporting and analysis.

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Self-service Reporting and Analytics

Jaspersoft for Docker

Build and package better analytics into your apps

As opposed to the inflexibility of large servers, containers allow services to run and scale independently of each other. The result is operational excellence and unparalleled flexibility.

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Jaspersoft for Docker

Big Data Business Intelligence

Shorten time to insight and action

Natively connect and visualize data for Hadoop Analytics, MongoDB Analytics, Cassandra Analytics and more. Build reports, dashboards and analytics directly from these data stores, without having to move the data to another database.

You can blend your Big Data with other data sources using Data Virtualization or traditional ETL tools. Embed big data visualizations & reports inside your app or use the insights to optimize your business.

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Big Data Business Intelligence

Mobile BI Tools

Always on and easy to access

Improving decisions through data that is instantly available is becoming strategically important.

With our mobile analytics solution, enjoy instant access to dashboards and reports through an intuitive touch enabled browser, monitor and inspect business performance just as you would on your iPad or desktop, and build new reports or dashboards on-the-fly with a full-featured ad hoc design environment.

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Mobile BI Apps for Smartphones and Tablets