Data Integration Solutions for Improved Reporting

Build a data warehouse or integrate your data virtually

Getting data integrated and prepared is a prerequisite for any reporting or analytics project. Jaspersoft® software supports both of the leading data integration solutions: Extract, transform, and load (ETL) and data virtualization. Use ETL when you want to physically move data from multiple data sources into a single data warehouse. Use data virtualization when you want data to remain in data sources and specify the rows or files to be used for analytics on-the-fly.

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Prepare data for end-user reporting

Use the Jaspersoft® Domains engine to empower administrators to create virtual views of data—and join, filter, rename, and prepare it for business users so they can create reports, dashboards, and data visualizations on their own.


Don’t move data, virtualize it with Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services

Don’t move data, virtualize it

Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services facilitates building and managing virtualized views and data services. This means developers can access, transform, and deliver the data your business requires to accelerate revenue, reduce costs and risk, improve compliance, and more.

Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services: Data Virtualization at Scale Intro to Jaspersoft ADS
Get your cloud data working for you with TIBCO Cloud Integration Connect

Get your cloud data working for you

With TIBCO Cloud Integration Connect, efficiently connect software-as-a-service applications and automate data flows using an intuitive browser-based approach, ready-to-go connectors, and a simple graphical interface for code-free customization.

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Handle any data volume or complexity with data integration solutions like Jaspersoft ETL

Handle any data volume or complexity

Jaspersoft ETL enables one to many developers to meet the data volume and process complexity needs of any data integration project. Developers can graphically design, schedule, and execute data movements and transformations for business intelligence projects, such as loading an operational data store (ODS), data mart, or data warehouse.

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