Alten Italia

Alten Italia, headquartered in Milan and part of the international Alten Group, has more than 400 consultants working on information systems and telecoms throughout Italy. Its technology consultants and engineers have experience in a wide range of industries including: automotive and engineering, aeronautics, space and defense, energy and life sciences, telecoms and multimedia,banking, finance and insurance. Alten Italia is recognized for its excellence in banking transactions and its ‘test factory.'


One of Alten’s many customers, a mobile operator, needed to complete and frequently update statistical data regarding the usage of their call centres. The choice of technology platform was guided by a number of requirements: web access – so that there would be no need for a lengthy software installation process, rapid report creation and update, along with independence from the data extraction layer.


The Alten developers created a report access page and organized the reports into folders which they say provided the customer’s managers with an intuitive and easy-to-use presentation format.


Rapid introduction of a statistical data reporting system.

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100% successful
None of developers on the Alten team had used Jaspersoft before but within a week they were able to produce prototype reports. The team also found that once they had chosen a report style it was easy to modify an existing report to produce a new one often within an hour or so. This was a key success factor for the project as time was limited.