Cincom Systems, Inc. is a privately held software and services company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Well-known across the industry for innovation and dependability, the company—one of the most experienced software companies in the world—delivers and supports software and solutions to simplify complex business processes. Today, Cincom has empowered thousands of its customers across six continents to transform their businesses and outperform the competition by providing ways to increase revenue, control cost, minimize risk, and achieve rapid ROI.


First, while the existing solution met functionality requirements, it presented significant licensing costs—costs which had to be passed on to Cincom customers, either in higher pricing or in the need to sacrifice other functionality improvements. Next, the existing technology posed integration and upgrade problems that could not be easily overcome, making the cost and time required to advance the product’s reporting and analytic capabilities prohibitive—all at a time when Cincom was trying to streamline processes while delivering more value to its customers. Finally, the company wanted to gain additional efficiencies by standardizing on a single reporting and analytics technology platform across all of its software offerings; and that single platform naturally needed to be flexible, easily extendable, and cost-effective.


The Synchrony team chose JasperSoft for a variety of reasons. The software met every functional requirement for reporting, drill-down analytics, easy end-user report definition, and performance. And JasperSoft’s hybrid commercial/open source software model meant significantly lower costs.


After choosing JasperSoft, the Synchrony team was quickly able to deliver compelling reporting and analytics at a lower price point for its call center customers. The technology was easy to integrate, and allows for fast, easy troubleshooting and customization. In fact, migrating Synchrony to JasperSoft saved Cincom substantial engineering time. And call center customers who want to do more advanced reporting and analysis can often do so without the additional costs that would have been involved using the previous reporting solution.

Customer Quotes

It took less time to convert to Jaspersoft than it would have taken to upgrade to the new version of the existing reporting solution. We were even able to refocus some resources to other critical product areas that otherwise would have been dedicated to the analytics component.
— Theresa Van Laeken, Product Manager,Cincom

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After choosing Jaspersoft, the Synchrony team was quickly able to deliver compelling reporting and analytics at a lower price point for its call center customers.