Clockwork Solutions

Through its Big Data agile analytics, Clockwork provides the ability to digest huge amounts of complex data and uses Jaspersoft to provide simple, clear answers on key decisions faced by business today.

Clockwork’s Big Data management and predictive analysis significantly reduces costs and improves operational availability in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) space.


Machine assets have thousands of components, each component potentially contributing to overall system failure for that asset. To accurately predict when the failure will occur and the best method to determine part needs as well as to manage repair prioritization, it can become necessary to collect and process Big Data –tens of terabytes – on machine performance and health at detailed levels of indenture.


Clockwork’s predictive analytic SaaS solutions provide the best option for sustaining and increasing utilization levels at the lowest possible cost for groups who own or manage capital expensive industrial assets that require ongoing maintenance and repair. Unlike traditional methods based on small subsets of historical data or past experience, Clockwork uses a proven software platform to model and simulate scenarios. The result is the most accurate look at the factors that affect the bottom line, including part failure and downtime due to maintenance. As data collection and analytics requirements grow at an exceptional rate, Clockwork’s predictive analytics Cloud technology for EAM combines Big Data with Jaspersoft reporting and analytics, and turns it into saving and profitability for clients.


Clockwork Solutions LLC pioneered the use of Big Data management and predictive analysis to significantly reduce costs and improve operational availability in the EAM space. Over the past 25 years, Clockwork Solutions has improved business processes and saved clients billions of dollars. Whether it’s maximizing production or keeping cost low, Clockwork Solutions uses Jaspersoft to deliver value out of Big Data for customers like the US Marines, Boeing, GE, Statoil, and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

Customer Quotes

“We need a BI solution that would handle our multiple Big Data sources, embed easily into our SaaS offering, provide ad hoc analytics to our customers, and help us get to market quickly. Jaspersoft was the clear choice.”
— Joe Berti, CEO

Similar Customers

One customer saved $430M in maintenance costs.
Clockwork saved their customers $2B in costs within 6 months.
Using Jaspersoft, Clockwork Solutions was able to shave off six months of their development time
Technical Snapshot
  • JasperReports Server Enterprise with multi-tenant embedded ad-hoc and dashboards
  • Multi-terabyte data set
  • RDBMS, NoSQL, and Analytic Big Data databases
  • Hardware accelerators