The Commonwealth Medical College

The Commonwealth Medical College was conceived in a community led grass roots effort to respond to the regional decrease in physician availability, and to improve the health of community residents. The community envisioned a College that would create a physician who would be equipped to practice evidence based medicine, would be an excellent communicator and would work to improve the health of their community.  TCMC was awarded degree granting authority by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2008, received preliminary LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) accreditation in 2008 and accepted its first class of medical and master's students in 2009.


As the first entering class and an enthusiastic faculty began the university’s first term, the need for easy access to the school’s administrative data became quickly apparent. As with most higher education institutions, TCMC needed to manage a broad range of functions: finance and budget, faculty development, human resources, student information and activities, admissions, fundraising and more.


Pre-formatted, parameter-driven reports using Jaspersoft’s graphical iReport definition tool. This system of reporting software and security also efficiently manages the university’s need to do fund-based accounting, which adds its own complexities.


All of this was in place just six months after the Jaspersoft implementation. More than 70 business users access these solutions regularly, with more on the way. And it was all accomplished by a very small team.

Customer Quotes

We were able to completely replace a cumbersome budget reporting system, which had involved complex spreadsheets distributed to dozens of users. Now we have eight powerful reports that use table-level security to ensure each manager sees just what they need to see.
— John Kearney, Director of Administrative Systems, TCMC

Similar Customers

TCMC’s rapid BI rollout hasn’t gone unnoticed outside the school. At Jaspersoft’s recent annual user conference, Kearney and his team received the Jaspersoft BI Rock Star award—a nod reserved for truly impressive BI feats.