Connexys is a 13 year old recruitment software provider focusing primarily on the Dutch market but growing its geographical reach along with its customers. The Rotterdam headquartered organization provides solutions for every aspect of recruitment from initiating a vacancy to hiring. The founders of Connexys, Jan van Goch and Gijs van Heijst had their own recruitment and selection agency and based on that experience, they realized that the recruitment process could be made more efficient. They envisaged a database in which all information about candidates and job vacancies could be stored. With the emergence of the Internet, Connexys launched the first digital recruitment system which appeared on the market in 1999.


Connexys’ mission is to continually deliver the most effective solutions to its customers encompassing technological developments as well as innovations in the labor market along with responding to the individual needs of clients. Customers wanted more reports and functionality and Connexys itself wanted to move away from Oracle reports and ease the load on the Oracle database.


Jaspersoft is fully embedded into Connexys’ existing web-based recruitment application; customers log into it, access the standard reports, interact with them and then create their own new reports through drag and drop adhoc functionality. This is all done without leaving the application or knowing that they are using Jaspersoft as the Connexys ‘look and feel’ is retained throughout.


Connexys has now built 20 standard reports embedded in its recruitment application and offers full adhoc functionality to all of its customers. Customers can now also do their own grouping and filtering and dashboarding and scheduling capabilities will be added over the next couple of months.

Customer Quotes

In the past we felt that we were lagging in reporting functionality but that is definitely not the case now. In fact, I believe that our Jaspersoft-based reporting capability gives us a distinct competitive edge and our existing customers are really impressed with it.
— Guus Meijer, Operations Director, Connexys

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