CTI Solutions

CTI Solutions provides a complete suite of web­-based workflow management products. Its Comprehensive Workflow System provides a modular path to help companies manage digital resources in an easy, consistent, and cost­-effective manner. By streamlining management and use of Business Information, customers enjoy increased sales, marketing and decision-making efficiency while reducing production and technology costs.


CTI Solutions began looking for a new reporting software solution for customers because, as CEO Rick Daffron describes, “They were becoming more involved in monitoring everything—wholesale inventory, sales by style, SKUs. We needed a more automated, more uniform solution, and one that would supply a lot of different ways to present information, both online and downloadable,” continues Mr. Daffron. “If we didn’t move to a more agile reporting and data handling system, we would not be able to satisfy clients’ growing needs for timely information or hire the talent we needed to grow.”


The company needed to display information in online graphical visualizations as well as in exported Excel format. “After looking for about a year at all the different engines, watching several demos, talking to clients and users, we determined that TIBCO Jaspersoft® would have the quickest learning curve and the most user­-friendly interface. What drove us to Jaspersoft is that over the last 25 years we’ve learned that the more information you have and can slice and dice, the more of a foundation you have for effectively running your business. We believed the same would be true for our customers.”


Using Jaspersoft's embedded BI technology they now provide:

  • Superior user experience and reporting
  • Better information, faster data collection and access
  • Increased competitiveness, lower overhead (70% reduction)

Customer Quotes

“Jaspersoft is providing new and innovative options that we can pass on to our clients, and it’s really exceeded our expectations in a lot of ways. Customers have told us that our solutions and reporting capabilities are far superior to our competitors.”
— Rick Daffron, Founder and CEO, CTI Solutions Group

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