Entando Corporation

Entando is the emerging Java Open Source software company proven to “Simplifying Enterprise Portal” development. Entando allows IT teams to be faster, efficient, and happier when building social enterprise-class solutions. With offices in San Francisco, Baltimore, Dublin and Italy serves the most demanding IT developer requirements for Open Source.


Customers requested reporting software with a dashboard and a single access point to all the information coming into the Entando portal from different applications and business intelligence reports.


Introduction of a new connector for the Jaspersoft embedded BI suite in the Entando 3.0.0. Enterprise Edition. This allows administrators to integrate the Jaspersoft administration, analysis and reporting functionality directly into Entando using a single sign-on authentication process.


Entando has enabled end users without previous BI experience are now able to access BI functionality,create their own dashboards and develop their own reports. System Integrators estimate time savings of around 25% through the use of the Entando Jaspersoft connector in developing vertical and social applications or deploying intranets,extranets and portals.

Customer Quotes

Integrating Jaspersoft with Entando was straightforward. With the help of the Jaspersoft Technical support team, it only took two calls and three months to achieve our goal.
— Rinaldo Bonazzo, Product Specialist Manager, Entando Corporation.

Customer Quotes

The Jaspersoft integration with Entando has been very beneficial as we have been able to satisfy our customer needs and broaden our product offering.
— Roberta Quaresima, Channel Manager EMEA, Entando Corporation

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