Telecom leader Ericsson has responded to operators’ multiscreen TV needs with the Ericsson Multiscreen TV Solution, which uniquely allows TV service providers to monitor and manage delivery of content to virtually any type of consumer entertainment device from a central location. Ericsson built the Multiscreen TV Solution specifically to help TV service providers reduce costs and open new revenue streams.


Ericsson needed a powerful reporting and BI engine to allow Ericsson Multiscreen TV Solution users to query high volumes of data in MongoDB.


JasperReports Server fits the company’s technology environment, providing Big Data reporting and integrating with MongoDB without ETL.


• Cost savings - The company saves thousands of dollars and hours of manpower by not having to maintain two separate databases, MongoDB and a relational database.
• Insight weeks sooner - Self-service ad hoc reporting gives customers the insight they need weeks sooner in some cases.
• Fast report creation - In a matter of hours, Ericsson developers can build a report using iReport Designer.

Customer Quotes

Jaspersoft is very easy to use from my perspective. I can quickly knock out a report.
— Joseph Chiappone, developer, Ericsson

Similar Customers

Ericsson brings the power of the JasperReports Server to its customers, giving TV service providers flexible, interactive reporting, data analysis, and exploration of MongoDB data. It enables fast queries, and in Ericsson’s case, potentially two terabytes of TV session data.
Technical Snapshot
  • JasperReports Server and iReport Designer
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux running on VMware
  • User interface runs on Ruby on Rails
  • JBoss application server
  • MongoDB database
  • Javascript