Founded in 1995, GeoTax BV is a privately held software and services company specializing in Dutch tax law and land registry. At its inception, the company responded to a new tax law that demanded that each municipality had to review and appraise its real estate by developing a model for this appraisal system. This is then used to calculate the economic value of real estate.


In 2007, GeoTax developed a new version of its software and decided at the time that it needed to upgrade the reporting capabilities from Crystal Reports as it wanted to incorporate more business intelligence functionality into its solution.


GeoTax found integrating the embedded BI (JasperServer) with its application extremely easy and was able to achieve full integration rapidly in just a couple of months. Its municipality customers can now schedule their own reports using the huge amount of current and historical data that they must collect.


Rapidly integrated reporting solution from an organization dedicated to future-proofing its software.

Customer Quotes

The main benefit that we have seen using Jaspersoft is its capability for rapid integration.
— Bernard Rutgrink, Software Development Manager, GeoTax

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