Illuminate Education

Illuminate Education Inc. provides web-based software and services to the Kindergarten-Through-Grade-12 ( K-12) education market. Its three web-based solutions are designed to support practical and progressive information management needs at the county, district, site, classroom, parent, and student levels, putting the power of data into the hands of users.


Today, there’s increasing emphasis on accountability and performance in schools. To meet the demand for measurable results, and to know how well their education processes are working, teachers and administrators regularly assess their students using formative and summative assessments. The student performance data generated by these assessments, together with other information on schools, class schedules and more, is vital to school districts.


The team used Jaspersoft iReport Designer to create about 25 reports that could be used by teachers and administrators. All reports are requested within the Illuminate applications to avoid users from going to another tool in order to consume their information; many reports offer a number of intuitive parameters and options to target the information view for a particular report user . The interactivity of the reports means less report queries to build and support and a better experience for teachers and administrators.


Teachers and administrators enjoy easy access to the student and performance information they need, including data integrated from dozens of disparate sources. With the embedded BI solution, Illuminate Education is able to respond to new reporting software needs much more quickly and easily. Customer ability to define reports as well sets Illuminate apart from its competitors.

Customer Quotes

With these significant improvements in reporting, data integration, and our own agility, we’re able to eliminate the complexities of technology to give educators insight into their students. That lets educators focus on what they do best: helping students learn.
— Mark Walls, Chief Operating Officer, Illuminate Education

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