With the vast set of customer data that inQuba gathers, its software-as-a-service CX platform lets users drill down from the highest to the lowest levels of data granularity, providing an in-depth view of how customers interact with the business. These capabilities let companies listen, learn, and engage in a more effective way, and keep internal stakeholders informed so they can take inspired action.

See a full demonstration of inQuba's solution in this recorded webinar inQuba: Delivering a Big Data Customer Experience Solution with TIBCO

Get to market quickly with a single, fully integrated, end-to-end architecture delivering key differentiators.


TIBCO BusinessWorks™ to integrate client data with its hosted services, TIBCO Spotfire® for analytics, and TIBCO Jaspersoft® for embedded BI and reporting software.


A vastly more sophisticated solution than competitors offer, providing analysis of cause and effect so clients understand what moves the needle in terms of experience and loyalty—and using Jaspersoft—presentation of information in a very compelling format for driving it through the organization.

Customer Quotes

“We wanted to grab a window of opportunity we saw in the marketplace. We decided to take advantage of best-of-breed components that would help us get there faster. If we attempted to develop everything ourselves, we might have missed some of that window."
— Paul Cole, President of inQuba America

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