Irish Public Sector Body

The Irish public sector faces a torrid time for the foreseeable future; with the public in general handling huge austerity measures, the public sector as a body must really make every cent count. One large Irish public sector body is looking to information technology as well as other measures to deliver a quality service while reducing costs and is seen to be at the forefront of IT strategy and thought leadership, not only in Ireland but worldwide.


In an environment where all public sector bodies must be seen to be transparent and accountable, the ability to provide timely, accurate data is vital to satisfy all stakeholders’ need to know that the organization is delivering to targets.


The System Dynamics/Jaspersoft team delivered reporting software that allowed users to create ad-hoc reports using a ‘drag and drop’ interface from within a JasperAnalysis OLAP view and also added functionality that allowed the tool to breakout from the cube and retrieve external data at the appropriate level in a hierarchy. The team also integrated Google Maps API and multi-channel consumption such as SOA, mobile and embedded BI without additional software cost.


It took just nine months to deliver this the first full production open source BI project undertaken by a public sector body in Ireland and has proved extremely bene cial since its launch in January 2010. The client has found that the solution can be extended and customised to meet all of its business requirements and it has not been constrained in its desire to employ the full functionality of the software by the need to use costly vendor consultants.

Customer Quotes

By our calculations, this project will work out 67% cheaper over fiive years by using Jaspersoft rather than a proprietary solution. This is because of the low licence and support costs as well as its low service costs.
— Emmet Burke, Business Development Team, System Dynamics, Irish Public Sector Body

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67% cheaper
The public sector body is now engaged in rolling out the Jaspersoft-based solution to all areas of its business and is delighted that its innovative stance of being the only Irish government department to fully embrace open source technology is paying off.