Metalogic is a leading provider of management solutions to the Metal Stockholding and Processing Industry, acquired by the Jonas Software organisation in May 2013. Its highly scalable systems offer customers multi branch, multi product, multi process functionalities and are installed at every type of metals manufacturing and distribution business.


Having been formed by the merger of three individually successful IT solution suppliers to the metals industry, Metalogic was left with three different legacy systems.


Metalogic decided to build on the experience it had gleaned through the development of its legacy platforms and standardise on one open source-based platform.


Metalogic is using Jaspersoft iReport to provide around a hundred standardised reports each of which can have fifty of sixty selection options for its ERP flagship product, iMetal. Jaspersoft is then used to export the data in whatever format the customer requires such as XML or pdf.

Customer Quotes

Integrating Jaspersoft into our iMetal ERP solution was extremely straightforward; within just two days we were up and running. We and our customers really appreciate the flexibility in report formatting that Jaspersoft gives us along with its excellent look and feel and the ability to export the reports in a wide range of file formats
— Steve Baker, Research and Developer Director, Metalogic

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