Periscope Holdings, Inc.

Periscope Holdings, Inc. works with more than 900 public entities to rethink and rework the way they procure goods and services. The company’s flagship product, BuySpeed™, is a leading eProcurement software solution; the firm also provides essential consultative services to help government agencies and other organizations enhance their procurement processes and their use of related technologies.


Typically, procurement organizations want to do more than merely acquire goods and services: they need to control costs, ensure timely delivery or performance, protect against fraud or theft, improve processes, and reach (or exceed) dozens of other performance targets. The Periscope development team knew that reporting and interactive query capabilities would be essential to reaching these goals.


The servlet-based BuySpeed solution is built on modern, open, standards-based technologies such as J2EE, and works with both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The Periscope team sought out embedded BI technology that would provide a good architectural fit for the BuySpeed platform while delivering rich reporting software and query features—and keeping costs low was a priority.


Using the Jaspersoft iReport Designer, the team developed more than 30 standardized reports. Next, to support ad hoc query, they created pre defined data views (known in Jaspersoft lexicon as domains and topics) and assigned access permission requirements to them. They also integrated the security features of BuySpeed and JasperReports Server so that ad hoc query capability could be delivered from within the BuySpeed user interface.

Customer Quotes

Procurement directors and IT CIOs are blown away by how easy it is to transform in-depth purchasing data into usable reports, that make sense to the average user, having little technical expertise.
— Greg Flores, Vice President of Technology, Periscope

Similar Customers

The BuySpeed Business Intelligence and Reporting Solution, powered by Jaspersoft, is already gaining traction in the marketplace. Periscope continues to get positive feedback from its clients.