School districts are accountable to many – teachers, employees, students, parents, communities and municipalities. The challenge lies in providing accurate data in a timely manner, with the flexibility required to accommodate the needs of all the users within the district ecosystem.

Austin, Texas-based Prologic Technology Systems meets this need by providing districts with a single, powerful solution to accommodate all their data. Called TEAMS, the SaaS-based application is an ERP solution for school communities to track information on HR, students, finances and other operations.


Prologic wanted to bring more powerful, flexible reporting, dashboards and BI to its customers, but previous reporting methods were limiting and resource-intensive.


Jaspersoft fits the company’s product roadmap as a cost-effective solution providing dashboarding, ad hoc reporting, and seamless embedding.


• Fast integration – Prologic accomplished the initial integration in just three days.
• Shorter resolution times – Prologic tech staff cut time to resolve reporting issues by at least 50 percent.
• Quick report building – The company reduced the time to produce reports by more than 60 percent.
• No product cost increases – Prologic brought better BI and reporting software to clients without having to raise the price tag on its software.
• Ease of use – Jaspersoft enables even non-technical users to create their own reports.

Customer Quotes

I was really and truly amazed at how quickly the initial embedding went. Passing across rules and security was a three-day effort. When you talk about embedding a product like that – especially since Jaspersoft has its own security model – the fact that we did it in such a short time is a testament to the product and the support we’ve gotten from Jaspersoft. It was a very pleasant experience.
— Richard Perez, CTO, Prologic Technology Systems.

Similar Customers

60% faster
Jaspersoft helps Prologic reach its product goals, whether that’s high-level dashboards for district administrators or interactive reporting for more advanced users.
Technical Snapshot
  • Jaspersoft BI Professional Edition
  • Dell 620 running KVM virtualization software
  • Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Tomcat 7 application server
  • DB2/MSSQL/Oracle
  • PostgresSQL
  • Javascript for web development