QED Financial Systems

QED Financial Systems, Inc. provides the most comprehensive portfolio management and accounting software platform as a service (PaaS) to asset managers, investment advisors, hedge funds, plan sponsors, treasuries and other buy-side firms. More than 1 trillion USD in collective assets are managed on the QED platform, and nearly 50% of the U.S. state treasuries use QED solutions.


To be competitive with other portfolio management and accounting solutions, the QED team knew it must offer powerful, flexible, compelling report presentations, and undertook a project to build their own new reporting software. After investing considerable effort and resources however, the team realized that time to market for completion of the build out was unacceptable: competitors were beginning to offer enhanced report presentation, and QED must react quickly to stave off this competition.


With Jaspersoft embedded BI, the QED solution enables clients to schedule standardized reports or request them on-demand, and to define their own, customized reports.


The Jaspersoft implementation gives QED more flexibility and better reporting capabilities than their competitors can offer.

Customer Quotes

For us, the technology was the most important issue. Jaspersoft was the only company that worked closely with us to define an approach to a solution. They listened, understood the requirements, and felt they could develop an approach that would work.
— Anthony Castile, Senior Vice President at QED

Similar Customers

Jaspersoft presented one additional advantage: at the time of the evaluation, its product roadmap already included multi-tenancy among other features. QED knew these additional capabilities would enable its PaaS environment to reach new economies of scale—critical as its client base continued to grow.