Risk Control Technologies

Risk Control Technologies Inc. (RCT) provides insurance carriers a unique combination of high-tech loss control software and industry expertise. This powerful combination allows teams to achieve their overall risk management objectives through the use of both technology and industry best practices. Today, Risk Control Technologies’ community of loss control leaders includes some of the most progressive loss control focused carriers in the world.


Though Risk Control is an established practice within the insurance industry, RCT found that its data was being more highly sought after. The company wanted to maintain leadership in its space by increasing the depth of its offering and reducing the support and development demands of its support team, while providing customers with an easy to use solution.


The company looked at several business intelligence offerings, and selected TIBCO Jaspersoft® to enable it to remain focused on its core strength. The embedded BI solution proved to be less expensive and more productive for its development and support teams.


The business benefits of using Jaspersoft became very clear in a relatively short period of time. Customers were able to look at large amounts of data, identify common risk exposures for customers with similar profiles, and build personalized safety programs to reduce risk. With risk control data wrapped in an advanced BI tool, customers got very excited. They were able to gain new insights and develop new reports, capabilities that enhanced RCT’s credibility. Jaspersoft is providing a great customer Single Sign-on experience with less effort and cost needed for support and maintenance.

Customer Quotes

“We’re constantly asking ourselves what is best for customers, and we knew that choosing what was best for them would maintain our leadership position. We kept our customers happy and continued growing our competitive advantage with Jaspersoft.”
— Sean Banikin, Vice President, Risk Control Technologies

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