Storage Fusion

Storage Fusion is an independent software vendor specialising in the delivery of automated storage reporting and analytics for storage consultants and enterprises. Its Storage Fusion Analyze (SFA) platform is revolutionising the way organisations evaluate and optimise their storage environments. Since the company’s formation in 2008, SFA has analysed over 3,000 storage arrays, enabling storage professionals worldwide to make informed decisions about their storage resources, which helps to reduce IT expenditure and improve business operations.


The aim was to develop software that would provide storage professionals with the tools needed to keep track of their storage assets.


Storage Fusion wanted to create their own dashboards and reports so that they would be perfectly suited to their solution and their clients’ needs. The company found that Jaspersoft’s JasperServer technology suited them the best. So that, combined with the licensing model they were offered made the decision to adopt Jaspersoft as our front-end capability quite straightforward.


Storage Fusion is focoused on continually enhancing their product offering to support the latest technology. The company is committed to their relationship with Jaspersoft, with new dashboards planned for release early in 2013.

Customer Quotes

Deploying Jaspersoft proved remarkably simple; within just four months we were able to deliver a demonstration or proof-of-concept version of the software. Since 2008 we have continued to develop our own software and as Jaspersoft introduces new features we adopt them accordingly.
— Peter White, Operations Director at Storage, Fusion

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