Vinteh Business Solutions

Business consultancy, Vinteh, based in Croatia, provides a wide range of leading Croatian businesses with a range of IT hardware and software solutions. These include infrastructure, servers and virtualization, database administration, data integration, reporting and business intelligence (BI) systems, document management and customer relationship management (CRM). The company embraces open source technology and provides clients with best-fit solutions competitively priced.


Find a solution that would track the capture process and deliver daily statistics by user, scanner, document type and so on and also to monitor the process.


The budget was insufficient for an enterprise reporting tool so the company introduced OpenReports as a reporting service and used Jaspersoft iReport to create the reports. This solution was so well received by both end users and developers that Vinteh has continued to use it on subsequent projects.


Being open source, the Jaspersoft software dovetails well with Vinteh's philosophy of providing the best solutions for their clients at the best price avoiding the cost and lock-in of vendor specific products. By enabling businesses to use their existing resources and databases and integrating data from existing systems and databases and providing consolidated reporting with Jaspersoft makes it unnecessary to invest in expensive BI systems.

Similar Customers

Vinteh has also evaluated Oracle reports and MS reporting services but found that they could not offer the advantages of the Jaspersoft software.