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With Jaspersoft software on AWS, the turnaround time and the customization we can achieve for customers is probably a tenfold improvement.

Steve Smith, director of technical project management and business intelligence

Care Logistics Improves Healthcare Data Visibility with TIBCO and AWS

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Key features of Care Logistics’ Command Center platform include individualized digital displays of critical reports on the patient journey, hospital capacity, wait times, diagnostics, length of stay, and more. The company also wanted to provide fast, secure, dynamic, semi-public display options aligned with the industry's drive toward more informed value-based care as opposed to the fee-for-service model.

According to Steve Smith, director of technical project management and business intelligence, "Previously, if we wanted a new board to go up for our customer, our software development engineering team had to go through the whole software development process. There was a long turnaround time."


The Care Logistics team decided to leverage untapped potential in its partnership with TIBCO, adding responsive TIBCO Jaspersoft capabilities to its platform. Equipped with more compelling visual analytics and reporting capabilities, the company developed a new feature, EmpowerVision, offering immersive, secure, configurable visualizations.

The TIBCO platform's ad hoc reporting, data visualization, and secure dashboards were all containerized and hosted in the AWS cloud to create EmpowerVision for the Command Center.

In addition, new and improved Command Center dashboards offer more types of information, such as electronic health records and patient logistics, meeting each hospital and health system's unique needs.


The EmpowerVision feature improves real-time visibility through dynamic, configurable, and semi-public dashboards—fueling data-driven insights with ease and security. Instead of needing individual laptops in group meetings, hospital staff can view dashboards on large monitors, which keeps patient information secure and private, while also empowering necessary stakeholders nurses, doctors, and patient transporters—with access to the right information at the right time.

With TIBCO's added functionality, Care Logistics developers have streamlined display creation because they don't need to build views from scratch. They can build customized, easy-to-maintain analytics dashboards much faster than before. Smith notes, “With Jaspersoft software on AWS, the turnaround time and the customization we can achieve for customers is probably a tenfold improvement."

Looking ahead, Care Logistics plans to connect its dashboards to its data lake to fuel more insights for customers and continue to improve its healthcare offerings. As more information is stored in the data lake, the company can report on more activities happening at healthcare providers' businesses. This ultimately helps hospitals and healthcare systems save time and money, make the best decisions possible, and save lives.

Smith concludes, "Through EmpowerVision, we can configure the customer board to display almost any data we have access to. We are now more dynamic, configurable, and more responsive than ever before."


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Care Logistics

Care Logistics, a leading provider of healthcare coordination and hospital throughput efficiency software, wanted to improve its time to market for new, innovative patient and provider solutions.