Data Integration

Build a data warehouse or integrate your data virtually

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Jaspersoft data integration software extracts, transforms, and loads (ETL) data from different sources into a data warehouse or data mart for reporting and analysis purposes.

You can leverage and combine several disparate relational or non-relational data sources.

Data Virtualization

Jaspersoft data virtualization software combines and transforms data from multiple sources into a single, virtual view. This view can be easily accessed and customized to create an understandable metadata layer for business users.

Data Virtualization

Graphical Design Environment

  • Business-oriented models for early design collaboration
  • Drag-and-drop process designer
  • Activity monitoring dashboard tracks job execution and performance
Graphical Design Environment


  • Native connectivity to ERP and CRM applications such as, SAP, and SugarCRM
  • Support for mainframe, transactional, and analytic databases
  • Connectivity to Big Data environments such as Hive for Hadoop and MongoDB

Enterprise Scalable Platform

  • Collaboratively develop integration projects with a centralized repository
  • Achieve real-time data synchronization for more accurate decision making
  • Manage the entire integration lifecycle from design, deployment, auditing, and scheduling
Enterprise Scalable Platform

Which data integration approach is right for you?

ETL Data Virtualization
Jaspersoft ETL
Jaspersoft ADS
Jaspersoft Domains
User IT Data Architect / ETL Developer IT Data Architect / DV Developer Business Analyst
Deployment Separate server Separate server JasperReports Server
Repository Enterprise data warehouse Abstraction layer Metadata layer
Deployment Approach
  • Studio tool to design jobs
  • Admin center to manage job execution
  • Industrial scale
  • Rapid iteration
  • Drag & drop modeling
  • Flexible scale
  • Virtual data sources
  • In memory joins
  • Limits on data sources

Jaspersoft ADS vs Jaspersoft Domains

Data Virtualization
Jaspersoft ADS
Jaspersoft Domains
Data volume High Low
Data transformation Complex Calculated fields
Data complexity More complex Some complex joins
Data abstraction Multiple levels Single levels
Column masking Yes Calculated fields
Caching Database Memory

Jaspersoft ETL vs Jaspersoft ADS

ETL Data Virtualization
Jaspersoft ETL
Jaspersoft ADS
Data latency High Low
Data transformation Complex + Complex
Report bursting Yes No
Big data to big data Yes Yes
Data warehouse Yes No (cache only)