Twelve Ways TIBCO Data Virtualization Turbocharges TIBCO Analytics

Researchers have found a striking relationship between the use of analytics and business performance: Companies that outperformed their industry in terms of profit, shareholder return, and revenue growth were 50 percent more likely to use analytics strategically, and five times as likely as low performers.

But analytics runs on data—and providing that data is a more difficult than ever. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your company's demand for analytic data is exploding.
  • Your analytic user types and capabilities are more diverse.
  • Your analytic tools are more varied.
  • Your data is more widely distributed across traditional, big data, Internet of Things, and cloud repositories.
  • Your traditional data integration via warehousing and ETL is not keeping pace.
  • As a result, your analytics data bottleneck keeps growing.

This paper outlines analytic data requirements and describes how the TIBCO® Data Virtualization platform successfully addresses these challenges for TIBCO® Analytics customers. A customer use-case illustrates how one forward-thinking company is using this powerful combination to its advantage.

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