CardSmith is a campus card solutions company serving educational institutions, campus service providers, cardholders, card-accepting merchants, private label card issuers, and closed loop communities nationwide. The company provides the market’s only SaaS transaction management solution and turn-key card program management service, delivering superior capability, service and performance for less than 50% of the cost of proprietary card systems.


As with many transaction-centered systems, the data captured by the SaaS-based system presents attractive reporting and analysis potential for campus administrators, who can analyze buying patterns and launch promotions to better serve the campus community (not to mention the institution’s bottom line). Choosing not to divert resources from core development, the CardSmith team sought business intelligence technology it could integrate with its solution.


CardSmith’s payment transaction system is built on a range of open source technologies, including Linux, the MySQL database, the Tomcat web server and others, making Jaspersoft’s open source model a good cultural and architectural fit. To keep reporting straightforward—and because the Jaspersoft report serving functionality is clear, easy to use and web-based, the CardSmith team implemented JasperDecisions (and later JasperServer) with no customization beyond cosmetic branding.


Cardsmith reports that the Jaspersoft embedded BI technology gives their clients new ways to analyze student and consumer behavior—making it a powerful selling point for the CardSmith solution.

Customer Quotes

The Jaspersoft reporting capabilities we provide to our clients are far superior to what our two, large, software-based competitors provide.
— Taran Lent, VP Product Management and Development and co-founder, Cardsmith

Similar Customers

CardSmith appears to have leapfrogged past its competitors on the reporting front.