In its more than 19 years in business, SoftServe Inc. has delivered consulting and software development for over 2,500 projects for more than 150 global companies. Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, with an award-winning software development group in the Ukraine, the company is repeatedly recognized as a leader in the industry.


To develop a network security solution for a global IT company, SoftServe needed flexible, high performance reporting to handle massive data volumes.


Jaspersoft uniquely met the project’s strict requirements for performance, flexible reporting, and ease of integration and use.


• Lower development costs: SoftServe completed the project in just seven months with a team of 25 – lowering development costs by an estimated 25 percent.
• Faster project ramp-up: SoftServe built the core resource model rapidly in just three weeks instead of an estimated seven weeks.
• Higher performance: SoftServe found that Jaspersoft delivered 30-35 percent faster processing on average, and 100 percent higher performance in some cases.

Customer Quotes

Our client had a very clear vision of the reporting requirements for the security solution. No other BI solution was able to satisfy those performance requirements.
— Andriy Zabavskyy, business intelligence lead, SoftServe

Similar Customers

SoftServe finds that Jaspersoft’s ease of use shortens the learning curve for end users.
Technical Snapshot
  • Jaspersoft OLAP for Data Analysis
  • MySQL
  • Dell hardware
  • HP servers
  • Linux operating system
  • Infobright database
  • JBoss Application Server