Jaspersoft Big Data Survey Highlights Global Adoption Trends and Use Cases

Surprising market maturity with 62% actively in production within next 12 months

San Francisco, August 14, 2012 - Jaspersoft, the world’s most widely used business intelligence (BI) platform, today shared results from a survey of more than 600 Jaspersoft community members on enterprise use of Big Data in corporate decision-making. The company’s global survey revealed trends on how many companies are addressing their Big Data opportunity, as well as where Big Data is being used in organizations. Surprisingly, 62% of respondents have either already deployed a Big Data solution or have plans to do so within the next 12 months. Of those with no deployment plans, 35% cited a lack of understanding about Big Data as the main barrier.

The top five Big Data use case categories were:

  • Customer experience analytics (48%)
  • Customer analytics – churn, segmentation (37%)
  • Marketing campaign optimization (28%)
  • Financial risk analysis (27%)
  • Marketing competitive analysis (27%)

Of those respondents who have implemented or planned Big Data initiatives, the project types ranged from customer analytics to drug discovery, location-based targeting in marketing campaigns, and threat analytics.

Further findings from the survey include:

  • 67% of respondents were from seven industries: Software & Internet, Computer & Electronics, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, and Telecommunications;
  • 60% say relational databases are their primary Big Data store, while Hadoop and MongoDB tied as other top data stores (18% each);
  • The primary Big Data source was enterprise applications (79%); within these applications Customer Relationship Management (33%), Financials (31%) and e-Commerce (28%) were most common;
  • While more than half (60%) are still deploying Big Data on-premises, 40% are deploying Big Data in the cloud;
  • 44% require real-time or near real-time analytics for their Big Data;
  • The most important Big Data Analytics and processing technologies were reports (76%), data visualization (64%), data integration/ETL (59%), statistical/predictive analytics (54%), and search (50%); and
  • 68% are using machine-generated content (web logs, sensor data) as the primary source for a Big Data project vs. 46% using human-generated text (social media, blogs).

“We were even surprised to see how quickly the Big Data market is maturing, based on implementation plans of our community members,” said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. “From the variety of industries using Big Data to the different use cases identified, it’s clear that Big Data adoption is gaining momentum alongside cloud deployment, two complementary technologies which can fundamentally shift the cost/value curve in an organization.”Jaspersoft provides the ideal complement of reporting and analysis for Big Data systems. Its BI Suite is built on a modern, web-based architecture that integrates natively with the most popular Big Data systems to provide easy, interactive insights. Jaspersoft offers three approaches to Big Data Analytics including live exploration, direct batch reporting, or indirect batch analysis, enabling companies to address their requirements easily, scalably, and cost-effectively. Jaspersoft has partnerships with leading Big Data platform companies including Actian Corporation, IBM Netezza, Datastax (Cassandra), HP Vertica, 10Gen (MongoDB) and Google BigQuery.

For more information on Big Data, please visit http://www.jaspersoft.com/bigdata. For even deeper insights into the state of Big Data, join Jaspersoft, IBM, 10gen and other thought leaders as they discuss real implementations and what's driving them at the “Big Data: Enough talk already” panel during the upcoming JasperWorld Conference.

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