Embedded BI: Reporting and Analytics Inside Your Application

Learn about integrated reports, dashboards and analytics for any application.

What is it?

Embedded BI brings the power of BI directly into your application’s user experience, giving your customers richer context and fresh information within the operational applications they already know and love. Business applications are transforming their transactional data into highly interactive dashboards and embedded analytics to help people make faster more informed decisions...on their own.

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For Commercial Software Applications

Boost your app with embedded BI self-service report design, dashboards, and analysis.

For SaaS or Cloud Applications

Deliver best-in-class reports and embedded BI dashboards for your external portal or customer-facing applications.

For Custom Internally Built Applications

Use embedded BI to make insight more pervasive for your custom or internal built applications. Start improving your brand and customer relationships with customer-facing embedded analytics that deliver value instantly.

A Definition:

EMBEDDED BI is the integration of reports, dashboards, and analytic views inside an application. The information is typically displayed and managed by a BI platform and is placed directly within the application user interface to improve the context and usability of the data. Use of an embedded BI platform delivers state-of-the-art reporting and analytics without the time and expense of having to build it.

Why should I embed BI in my application?


Focus on new revenue, not one off analytics requests

Focus on your core competencies, not report building. Use embedded analytics to bring competitive advantage, faster time to market, and new revenue streams.


Provide Analytics inspiration without development perspiration

Delight your customers by building the best reports and dashboards in your apps.


Simplify your apps with less code

Retire complex reporting code by embedding a multi-tenant-ready framework that replaces complex data with the most modern APIs.


Analytics without compromising experience

Use the only embedded BI tool that can integrate natively with your JavaScript front end to provide a stunning customer experience.

What BI features can I integrate into my app?

  • Interactive Reports

    Interact with report charts and tables including on-the-fly sorting, filtering, and formatting of column values and headers.

  • Embedded Dashboards and Mashboards

    Provide a collection of interactive reports, charts, and external web content onto a single screen with our dashboards

  • Self-Service Reports and Data Exploration

    Create and explore summary and detail data from relational, NoSQL, or Big Data sources using a highly interactive browser-based solution

  • Data Virtualization

    Integrate multiple data sources into a single metadata view to enable analysis and reporting across disparate sources without requiring ETL or a Data Warehouse

  • Data Integration

    Build a central data repository by extracting data from various relational and non-relational sources and load into a data warehouse or data mart with our data integration tools

  • Mobile Ready Reports & Dashboards

    Create and view reports, dashboards and analysis on iPhone or Android mobile devices

  • Multi-Tenant BI

    Using a single Jaspersoft environment, quickly isolate users, roles, reports, and related permissions to securely separate one tenant from another for SaaS-based applications

  • JavaScript API with Visualize.js

    Access powerful BI services using Visualize.js, a JavaScript framework to quickly and easily control the look and feel along with the integration of BI widgets within your application

  • Big Data Connectivity

    Connect directly to Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and more with native reporting and analytics for real-time

Interactive reports, embedded dashboards, and analytics for everyone

Quickly introduce embedded dashboards, and interactive reporting and analytics inside your application to empower your customers to gain deeper insight into their application data. Our BI solutions are designed to let you control as little or as much BI functionality that your customers need.

Interactive Reporting

Access any Data

Many modern applications leverage a variety of data store technologies such as relational databases, NoSQL engines like MongoDB, or flat files. Jaspersoft can connect to any data source without requiring ETL to maximize access performance and simplify the application architecture.

Access any Data

Easy to integrate & maintain

Jaspersoft is based on modern REST web services, supports standard identity management systems, provides built-in multi-tenancy support, and has a HTML5/CSS driven user interface for easy re-branding. The result is a full featured set of reporting and analytics capabilities made available in your Cloud-based or locally deployed application, all in a matter of weeks, not months.

Easy to integrate & maintain

Deploy on any Platform

It's easy to embed reporting and analytics into your app. Jaspersoft can be deployed on your own platforms, on Amazon's Web Service platform (AWS) and Docker to name a few.

Any platform

Confidence with the World's Largest BI Community

A vibrant community of more than 500,000 developers assures you of proven technology that is powering hundreds of thousands of applications for millions of users everyday. Our community members continuously provide expertise and resources to help make your Jaspersoft investment a success.

Confidence with the World's Largest BI Community

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