Embedded BI: Reporting and Analytics Inside your Application

Create answer-generating applications that end-users love

Users today are expected to be data-driven. But when asked, they don't want to use another BI tool — another login and another interface to learn — they want easily accessible answers. As a software developer or product manager, you know that a streamlined user interface leads to wider product adoption and increased value. Embedded BI brings the power of BI directly into your application's user experience, giving your customers richer context and fresh information within the operational applications they already know and love.

What is Embedded BI?

Embedded BI is the integration of reports, dashboards, and data visualizations inside an application. The information is typically displayed and managed by a BI platform and is placed directly within the application's user interface to improve data usability and decision-making. The TIBCO embedded BI platform delivers state-of-the-art reporting and analytics without the time and expense of having to build it.

Join the world's largest BI community

Join the world's largest BI community

A vibrant community of more than 500,000 developers powering hundreds of thousands of applications for millions of users everyday assures you of widespread acceptance and experience. Our community members continuously provide expertise and resources to help make your embedded BI investment in Jaspersoft software a success.

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