Jaspersoft Announces Over 100,000 Applications Integrate Jaspersoft Technology

Expanding embedded Business Intelligence market expected to top $2 Billion in 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, December 1, 2011 – Jaspersoft, maker of the world’s most widely used business intelligence (BI) software, today announced that now over 100,000 applications currently embed Jaspersoft technology, supporting its assertion that the adoption of embedded BI solutions is on the rise. This trend is recognized by IDC from data collected since 1997 showing the overall embedded BI market reaching $2 billion dollars by the end of this year. According to IDC research, organizations of all sizes indicate that the largest percent of BI users have access to such functionality through its embedding in other applications.

Standalone BI adoption. ranging between 20-30% for most organizations. is limited by the number of so-called knowledge workers. Embedded BI is seen as the key driver for broader use within organizations. When reports and analytic views are contextual and easy to use, the benefits to decision-making increase. BI within existing applications is expanding as software companies and SaaS based applications use application data to enable better insight and engagement for their customers. The explosion of information and data-driven applications has fueled the growth of embedded BI, driving the demand for a more flexible, easy to use, and affordable BI solution.

“It’s not surprising to see embedded BI reach this market size. Access to relevant data in real-time has become a key advantage and differentiator for operational applications and decision-making,” says Dan Vesset, Program VP of Business Analytics for IDC. “When analytics are presented within the context of a user’s workspace, the use of that information increases, ultimately improving decision making, which is why embedded reporting and analytics is a key driver for pervasive BI to become a reality.”

From ERP and CRM to social and mobile data requirements, production applications are powering enterprise information systems and becoming increasingly more powerful with the ability to analyze data and extract insight instantly. By embedding Jaspersoft BI into these data-driven applications, companies are gaining a deeper understanding about transactional and other business critical data, which allows for smarter decision-making and process improvements throughout the enterprise.

Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft, commented, “Any software system or application that gathers or creates data has the ability to expose that data in analytic views. Jaspersoft is ideally suited to help companies analyze data to uncover patterns and gain new perspectives, enabling them to continually harness information in ways that create breakthrough ideas.”

Jaspersoft Powers BI Behind the Scenes

In 2011, Jaspersoft launched Jaspersoft Business Intelligence 4 to directly address the needs of customers embedding BI. Undergoing a complete redesign, Jaspersoft 4 was built with a new, modular, open-standards based architecture, which allows customers to customize and easily add BI within applications while avoiding the exorbitant cost and complexities that come with legacy BI solutions.

Jaspersoft 4 includes:

  • 100% web standard architecture with an easy to customize CSS driven user interface and REST based APIs
  • Extensible data connector architecture supports relational, non-relational, and custom data sources
  • Easy to use web based report, dashboard, and analysis user interface for non-technical users
  • Mobile BI available through a browser or native application for optimal delivery to end customers

Jaspersoft recognizes the growing role of data-driven applications in today’s business economy. As the leading reporting and dashboard provider, Jaspersoft remains committed to delivering BI that is easier to connect to and makes data consumption a possibility in a variety of data environments.

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Jaspersoft provides the most flexible, cost effective and widely deployed Business Intelligence suite in the world, enabling better decision-making through highly interactive web-based reports, dashboards and analysis. Leveraging a commercial open source business model, Jaspersoft provides end-to-end BI capabil ities at a fraction of the cost of other vendors. The BI suite includes pixel-perfect enterprise reporting, ad hoc query, dashboards, OLAP and in-memory analysis, and data integration. Jaspersoft is the only BI vendor that enables companies to adapt to the new, virtualized world by providing a complete spectrum of on-premise, multi-tenant SaaS and cloud-based deployment options for both embedded and standalone business intelligence. Unlike traditional BI vendors, Jaspersoft is built on a modern, lightweight, standards-based architecture and offers greater vendor independence thanks to its open source codebase. Unlike niche BI vendors, Jaspersoft represents a safe choice with tens of thousands of production deployments across a wide range of industries.

Jaspersoft's open source business intelligence software has more than 14 million product downloads worldwide, 175,000 production deployments and over 14,000 commercial customers in 100 countries. Its BI suite is advanced regularly by a development community of more than 240,000 registered members. For more info rmation visit: http://www.jaspersoft.com and http://www.jasperforge.org.

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