Creating Addictive Dashboards with Jaspersoft

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Martes, 14 Junio 2016
45 Minutes

Dashboard design should be insightful, personal and beautiful. Sometimes the simplest dashboard can glean the most value. When the right information, in the right context is delivered to the right person, organization's can begin to make data-driven decisions.

Discover how you can turn your data into interactive, visually engaging metrics that are embedded into modern and responsive web applications. Jaspersoft provides you with a simple and powerful JavaScript API that enables embedding visualizations, reports and dashboards inside your applications.

temas tratados: 

  • Dashboard best practices
  • Jaspersoft’s online dashboard designer
  • Enable broad use of BI across your organisation or application
  • Embed dashboards within an existing application or corporate portal using simple javascript
  • Datasources, security and embedding considerations

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