Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics

Keys to Product Selection and Implementation

Research report written by Wayne W. Eckerson and Kevin M. Smith

Embedding a chart or dashboard into an application does not guarantee that people will use it or gain value from it. Organizations need a methodology for ensuring their investments in embedded analytics pay off. And before they leap into building analytics with in-house developers, they need to understand the trade-offs and capabilities of commercial analytics products.

This report is a comprehensive guide to succeeding with embedded analyticsIt walks readers through:
  • defining an embedded analytics project
  • selecting an embedded product
  • building and sustaining the application
  • types of embedding
  • what to look for in commercial analytics products
  • packaging and pricing embedded analytics capabilities, which is of particular interest to commercial software vendors
See Eckerson's companion report: Embedding Analytics with Jaspersoft: Key Differentiators and Functionality to see how Jaspersoft is evaluated based on criteria in this report.


About Eckerson Group

Eckerson Group is a research and consulting firm that helps business and analytics leaders use data and technology to drive better insights and actions. Through its reports and advisory services, the firm helps companies maximize their investment in data and analytics. Its researchers and consultants each have more than 20 years of experience in the field and are uniquely qualified to help business and technical leaders succeed with business intelligence, analytics, data management, data governance, performance management, and data science.

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