Top 5 Types of Analytics

How to Choose the Right Analytics for Your Users

Do your users need interactive reports? Dashboards? Or perhaps the ability to create their own analytic views to answer ad hoc questions?

Most businesses today realize the importance of leveraging data and analytics for their organization and products. But what many still struggle with is knowing what type of analytics will empower their users to get the most value out of their data.

In this webinar, we will explore the five most common types of analytics and help you identify which to use based on the needs and skill levels of your users. As a bonus, we’ll share how to empower users even more by embedding analytics into applications and user workflows.

You will:

  • Learn the five types of analytics through real-world examples
  • Get tips for identifying which is best for your users and product
  • See interactive live demos of each analytics type

Watch On-Demand

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