Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services:

Data Virtualization at Scale

Miércoles, 5 Diciembre 2018

TIBCO has a new, best-in-class data virtualization tool: Jaspersoft Advanced Services (ADS). This new service can have a big impact on performance—particularly in scenarios that involve combining 3 or more data sources or accessing high volumes of data. It is also capable of performing complex joins and data transformations that aren’t possible with Jaspersoft Domains.

Join our customer-exclusive webinar for an introduction to Jaspersoft ADS, its use cases, and how it compares to existing Jaspersoft data integration options.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How Jaspersoft ADS compares to other Jaspersoft data integration options: Jaspersoft ETL and Jaspersoft Virtual Datasource (Domains)
  • What use case scenarios are particularly well-suited for Jaspersoft ADS
  • How Jaspersoft ADS works through live product demonstrations
  • How to try Jaspersoft ADS for free

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