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12 / 2019

Updated user interface

This release includes a new look and feel that is crisp and easy to navigate. It keeps the familiar layout and provides updated icons, styling, and colors throughout the application.

Three new visualizations

The new gauge types are the circular gauge, the multi-level gauge, and the arc gauge. These gauges have formatting properties to set minimum and maximum values, colors for value ranges, whether the value is displayed, and if so the number of decimal places and a suffix string such as the % sign.

Ad Hoc visualization selector

This UI element has been updated to choose or switch between visualizations more easily. The visualization selector now lets you choose crosstab or table, and the chart selection includes a sidebar for chart categories. In addition, the visualization mode toolbar drop-list is replaced with a visualization selector button.

New color picker dialog

The Ad Hoc Designer and Dashboard Designer have a new color picker interface for specifying colors to match any palette where visualizations are embedded. The default color selections are expanded, and custom colors may be specified precisely with HEX or RGB entry options.

Colors in Ad Hoc charts

There are several new features in the Ad Hoc Designer that allow greater customization of chart colors. New UI properties allow the user to set the series color, the plot color, and the background color in charts that allow it.

Distinct values in Ad Hoc tables

Tables often contain columns that have duplicate values in many rows, making it difficult to find relevant data. The new distinct values selector in the Ad Hoc Designer hides the duplicate rows and makes tables shorter and easier to read. Note that tables with a totals row will not recalculate the total values when duplicate rows are hidden.

Referential Integrity for Domains

New configuration settings let you adjust how strictly Ad Hoc views and reports are checked against their underlying Domain. By default, fields and measures in a view or report that do not exist in the Domain will cause an error upon opening. Administrators can adjust the level of referential integrity to allow opening views and reports when Domain security causes missing items.


This release of JasperReports Server updates its use of cryptographic keys, for example to encrypt user passwords internally. All keys are now generated and managed in a single keystore for consistency. Keys used for encrypting export catalogs from older versions of the server have new procedures and user interface for importing into this version of the server. For more details, see the JasperReports Server Security Guide.

Update to Log4j 2

The logging service now relies on the updated Apache Log4j 2. This upgrade provides higher performance of the loggers and thus less overhead for JasperReports Server. If you have custom loggers, you will need to update their definitions using the new syntax.

Java 11

JasperReports Server runs with Java 8 and Java 11 for certain platforms, see the Platform Support document for more details.

05 / 2019

New Domain Designer UX and UI

New Domain Designer UI Performance lmprovements

New Domain Designer Complex Joins Support

New Domain Designer Extended Character Support

Improved 508c for Report Viewer

Highcharts 6.x

Improved PPT Report Export (Dynamic Page #s)

Over 160 Quality Improvements

10 / 2018

New RESTful Reporting Engine (Limit 2 Concurrent Report Runs)

New product: JasperReports IO Pro 1.0

Jaspersoft Studio 7.2

05 / 2018

Embeddable Ad hoc Views

Ad Hoc Data Source Change Improvements

Ad Hoc Time Balance Calculations

Ad Hoc Day of Week Support

JSS - Improved Domains Support

TIBCO Data Virtualization Support

TIBCO Spotfire Information Link Support

More than 300 Quality Improvements


06 / 2017

Visualize.is Input Controls

Visualize.JS Inherit CSS

Replace Page Dashboard Hyperlink

Dashboard Formatting

Tenant Object level Export

JSS Chart Properties Improvements

Misc Fixes

06 / 2016

Improved Ad Hoc Grid UI

Dashboard Scheduling

Dashlet Export

Dashlet Text, Image Hyperlinks

Scheduling to FTP

Dashboard Formatting Improvements

Misc Fixes

11 / 2015

Tenant Export/Import

Advanced Ad hoc Chart Formatting

Top/Bottom n Filtering

Dashboard Export

Image Dashlet

Tree Maps

Master Scheduler UI

Improved 508C PDF Export

08 / 2015

Dashboard Support

New User Experience

Performance lmprovements

06 / 2015

Dashboard Chart Hyperlinks

Dashboard HTTP Parameter Passing

Server & Tenant Attributes

TIBCO GeoAnalytics Support

Java 8 Support

Oracle 12C Repository Support

Misc Fixes

11 / 2014

New Dashboards

Visualize.js Dashboards

Heat Maps

More Ad Hoc Chart Formatting

Server and Tenant Attributes

Data Source Attribute Support

Report Workbooks

Complex Joins with DomainXML

Basic Data Staging

Spotfire Information Link Support