Easy Steps to Embedded BI Heaven

1 Hour

Business users are placing heavy demands on product managers and development teams to provide them the analytics they need and answer the questions they have to enable better decision-making. The transition from a simple in-house built application that provides old reports to an interactive analytic application can seem daunting due to the uncertain costs, expertise, and effort.

This webinar will describe five simple steps to discovering embedded BI that can help you transform the BI living in your applications from old to dazzling. We’ll cover five steps including demos.

Topics Covered: 

  • Analytic Level: Are users asking for simple reports or complex analytics?
  • Embedded Architecture: What does your app run on? How do users access it?
  • Data: Where does it come from? What do you need to do to prepare and secure it for BI?
  • Dazzling BI: Build the best product and keep your users happy.
  • Empowering Self-Service Users: Ultimately, you win by letting customers self-serve.

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